September 15, 2005

oh hell yeah -- according to mighty goddess Elfie/Queen Helen, Garbage are not gonna add any new dates to their current tour -but- there is gonna be a new tour to support a new album. (whether that album is new material or a greatest hits is up for speculation, but this is still great news! the band is not dead :)

tried to find the new Paul McCartney/Nigel Godrich album at Future Shop but they were seemingly out.

news on the ex-ex: she called me up this week to ask me if i'd be here this weekend. see, she is gonna come down after all but it's gonna be with a friend (male) to dance friday night at her old club and see her friends. she wanted to know if she could swing by and say hi. i said i'd probably be busy (which is true, but also very convenient because i'd moved on since she backed out of our plans to spend a week together). yesterday i got an email from her asking me if she and her friend could spend the night here friday night if they couldn't drive back home right away--her sleeping arrangements: her friend on the couch in the living room and her in my bedroom. yeah, right. lol :) i would've gone for it a few weeks ago but not now. and especially if she's gonna drive off the next morning. how frustrating would that be? ha. maybe when she has more time for me and we've planned it out more.

have a nice (soggy) day :)

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