September 11, 2005

REDEU-AI | aka Red Eye
Kim Dong-bin, 2005 | South Korea

Kim Dong-bin's Redeu-ai is a tepid tale of a midnight train's last run. but apparently, because of a crash that happened almost two decades earlier, the train has been haunted. and because this is the train's last run (or maybe the conductor's?), its ghostly inhabitants wanna try to communicate with the living one last time. the scares in this flick are practically non-existent and the atmosphere reminded me more of a shot-on-video flick than with the usually scary Korean horror films i'm used to. it's not to say that this is a bad film--but it quickly becomes apparent that it is a bland one. there are a few genuinely good ideas that are somewhat creepy, but nothing more. it's a little inoffensive horror flick. as with all Korean horror flicks, though, there is a human side to the story and that's actually one of the sides of the film i particularly reacted to. the actors all do a great job with the parts they're given and these performances are actually what sustained my waning interest through the second part of this mild movie (especially Shin-yeong Jang, as Oh Mi-sun, whom i'd love to see more of). the beginning of the film does set a nice tone with the pounding grey rain and the awaiting late-night travelers coming into the te

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