September 13, 2005

David LaChapelle, 2005 | USA

this is a phenomenal film--charming, witty, spiritual, touching, and intensely emotional. i'm not one to go for hype but this is just a singular film. no one, but no one, could've made this film the way it is. David LaChapelle has an eye for movement that is breathtaking. he captured every ounce of sweat from these kids and was able to communicate the energy to the audience--in fucking spades!! but don't be fooled--this is not merely a dance movie. it's got more complex emotions at play. it's a generous piece of work and a fascinating study of the suppressed and exploited. in more ways than one, the film is an expression of the people. LaChapelle captures it beautifully. our little fashion photographer is evidently one gifted motherfucker. be warned: this film is not a fluke--the man knows what he's fucking doing. a lot of the credit must also go to the kids appearing in the flick. they're simply astounding--letting us into their tight-knit society and generously sharing their experience. the expression of their humanity is stirring and engaging, and David LaChapelle does touch the sublime throughout most of the film. i am not afraid to say that. he backs it up. (i felt it faltered a bit towards the end but not enough to piss on the sublime beauty of what LaChapelle was going for.) just watch it and enjoy. it'll make you laugh, cry, and move all at the same fucking time. hallelujah.

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