September 23, 2005

shit. news just keeps coming and it seems there's just no way of keeping up. but since it's Tarantino and i didn't get the full story yesterday (why doesn't everyone link the whole interview when Quentin speaks? the man rarely talks when he's not promoting stuff). he's Tarantino talking about a lot of shit - including bits on Inglorious, Sin City 2, and the Vega Brothers movie. enjoy.

wow. last night's Survivor was heartbreaking. i was shocked and saddened to see Morgan leave. (shocked, i tell you. i sat there literally stunned as the votes were being counted out.) but the great news is that i'm finally getting into the series, thanks to last night's thrilling episode. the Tug of War was gripping beyond belief. i want an entire episode devoted to that, and i wanna play it. fun fun fun!!

hopefully Kitchen Confidential can pick up the slack. that was a promising but lackluster episode at best. even though i loved Bradley Cooper in Alias, the first episode didn't really show if he and his character had the ability to carry the show. it was an intro episode anyway so they show us the world we will follow (were we to continue watching, that is). always an iffy premise. so i'll give it more time. but -- the reason i would hang on to watch the show would be Owain Yeoman as the roguish Steven. he was something fresh on a nervous network premiere. hopefully this show will find its gears.

3:28 PM

well. i spent the afternoon between DVD Rebuilder, eating and watching tv, and going outside to sand out the rust, prime and paint on mycar. i was only doing a small part on the back of my car to test things out. well, the paint did run a bit and i couldn't sand it all down to perfection, but i was happy with it ... until i took the tapes off and saw that the paint was darker than my car's and made it look like a redneck had done the job. i was pissed. not at the guy who sold me the paint, he took the right number down, but at myself. also, my car's original paint fades when it's not waxed (but when it's waxed, it's beautiful). although i took most of the afternoon to do it, i do feel i rushed it a bit. the weather wasn't perfect; it was windy, but i had to do it today because, after tomorrow, it's rain and clouds for the rest of the week. next time i'm going to my mom's house and doing it in her garage. i should do better in there. but -- it was my first time. there's always a first, isn't there? i guess that should comfort me :) i took my shower because i have to leave for work in an hour. but you know what? i just checked out the car from my apartment, and it's not as bad as it looked before :) i have to give the paint some time to dry, don't i? yay. at least that's that. plus, most of the rust won't build as fast as it was going before. i haven't looked it up close yet but i'm happier with it than i was half an hour ago :) yay for that. as for the bigger parts i'll have to sand down - anyone wanna give me a couple hundred bucks so i can do it the easy way? ;) i'll check out some sanders (is that a word?) before doing the real job. my puny sandpaper and feeble hands weren't up for the big job.

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