September 07, 2005

starting a new day.
lately i've been feeling rather link-y. so expect today's post to be update a few time throughout the day. dunno how the day will actually unfold, news-wise, but hopefully i get a few interesting bits in when it's all over. i hope you enjoy.

Tori covers Karma Police [ live in Rochester Hills, MI, August 28 2005 ].

not a girl, not yet Maria Schriver: Hilary (Duff) is now a scary stick figure! her recent fight against physical well-being has officially entered the sad Hollywood delusional stage. (in other jarring celebrities-i-never-thought-would-go-this-route news: you got screwed, Andie MacDowell...)

Jedi Janey is hands down the coolest little hammie. not only for that quote, which made me laugh out loud, but last night's episode of BB showed just how brilliant our girl is. she singlehandedly puts all the Nerd Herd to shame. with two hands tied behind her back. the girl am smart. ooh, i just ran across this interview -- James is a fricking God! although i wasn't for it at the time, it woulda been glorious had he and Janey actually teamed up for the final stretch of the game! here's the full TV Guide interview.

Hurricane Katrina--damage control. don't look at your calendar; it's definitely still 1984 and the Bush White House is trying to run its show.

Kevin Smith gives us a peek into his real life by way of (lotsa) pics of his house. worth it if you're a fan. unrestricted intimate access. urgh--he's gonna appear on Joey. ah, but he and Mewes will be back on Degrassi this year so that kinda makes up for it, actually.

2:09 AM (Thursday)

everyone's blogging about it: Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPod today. and it looks damn cute. (and the headphones plug in at the bottom? genius!)

lockdown on Katrina: the National Guard are under orders to turn away all media from the hurricane aftermath and its rescue efforts (re: no dead bodies on the air).

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