September 19, 2005

this review of Mike Leigh's Naked from Criterion makes me happy and relieved i ordered it. i was happy, but not sure. it was part of the huge Criterion Fall Lineup where i was gonna buy up practically everything they put out because of the stellar quality of the releases (but i also spent a lot of cash yesterday so i'm gonna have to be patient for the next few weeks :) and although i was gonna buy Naked, it wasn't necessarily at the top of my list either this fall. but i am happy :)

btw, i'm still trying to find a DTS track to test my improved system out with (i checked out the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring, and it was nice [mostly talking, though], but it might also have been the newfound clarity. wow. even with Hellboy's DD5.1 track i heard the difference! my Denon was good, but this is incredible), so if you've got any ideas, let me know (but don't say Private Ryan; i don't feel like watching that anytime soon, and i want a more recent film). i've noticed that DTS is not that common after all. i thought i was missing out on most releases but it's definitely not that widespread yet (even though most theater releases have DTS tracks).

Tim's beautiful Garbage show roundup (Sept 15 in Vegas or Sept 17 in Devore, CA?).
(i still wish he'd add comments to his blog.)
shit. makes me yearn for the show i got last spring. from what i've been hearing, these kinds of shows have been more the rule than the exception from the band this year. feels like someone's lit a fire under their asses. and it's working beautifully. i can't wait to see them again.

Switchfoot's Tim Foreman tells you how to work around their Sony disc's Copy Protection. only heard of the band (the ex is a fan), never got into their sound if i heard their material, but i thought this was seriously commendable and inspiring coming from someone signed to a monolithic corporation like Sony. not a lot of bands would even attempt something like this.

2:14 PM

ohmygod. a couple of weeks ago my work partner and i got into '80s tv shows and movies. he mentioned Stuart Gordon's Robot Jox as being his all-time worst film. i fucking remembered that film!! i never saw it but it was always mentioned in Fangoria or Starlog (blowing your mind right now, aren't i?). but i remember having such a crush on that film. it looked so fricking cool. it might be total crap but it looked damn cool to me as a kid. as soon as i got home i checked it out online but it was only available on a crappy vhs tape. but today Zip made my day -- Robot Jox is coming to dvd in two weeks!!! (ha--for $10.47, too :P)

huh? throw away those expensive imports!! Muse's Origin of Symmetry is coming out in North America tomorrow!
boy, that was quick.

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