September 29, 2005

what a funny day today was. first off, we had the best weather ever -- windy rainstorm all day until mid-afternoon. i love grey days. especially when i have the day off (i'm still on vacation :) today i'd planned on running some errands but since it was raining horizontally i decided to stay inside. i did a major cleaning job on the apartment. my brother's coming to visit for a week this weekend (he'll spend his time here and at my mom's place) and i wanted to make it right for him. only the bathtub, shower, and bathroom counter remain to be cleaned. that'll be tomorrow. i also took down my ac and cleaned out the window panes. it felt great to have my window again (since i wake up late i'd put cardboards up to block the light out and it stayed that way for most of the summer). then the rain died down and i pushed myself out the door. and guess what? i got myself a new pair of jeans [ that's the site for the store; my pair aren't there, though, for some reason ]. i'm very happy and proud about that. it was time for a new pair but i hate shopping for clothes on my own, especially without a girl present. but i went anyway, knowing i'd love to have them to pick up my brother and for the ex's arrival from europe next week. i also wanna surprise my work friends next week and go have dinner with them and bring my brother :) i'd also take the ex with me (she also works there) and since they haven't seen her for the past three weeks they'll be doubly excited :) and i wanna go to work with non-drabby work clothes :) and i must say, i'm very happy about the pair i got. i even got the saleswoman to tell me which of the two sizes i was thinking about looked better :P the only thing i couldn't find was a black shirt to go with the jeans but i just realized that i got a cool Threadless order that'll actually do the trick just fine, and it just shipped this week. hopefully it gets here early next week (anyone know how long it takes to get to Canada?).

oh, and because i had half an hour to kill before picking up the jeans (they had to take off about an inch or two on the bottom of each leg) i dropped by Future Shop, noticed that they had the new Sigur Ros album and picked it up for a cool $12.99.

when i got home i installed the shade i bought for my window. i'm a bit tired but the roommate just left to spend the night at his girlfriend's so i might take advantage of this and pop in a movie later on. oh, and i loss faith in Will & Grace early last season. i even went so far as to not caring about missing it and it quickly left my usual tv schedule. but i'm recording tonight's Live Season Premiere. at least that should be good fun.

so that was my day :)
how was yours?

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