September 10, 2005

would you believe me if i told you i haven't been online today? nope. just let my torrents download and that's it. i've been running errands and went walking in the woods with the ex all afternoon 'cause she's leaving monday for a 3-week trip across Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, ...). but she's leaving tonight to join the friend she's going with so this was the last time she could see me. i'm gonna miss her a bit because we talk every single day but it's gonna be fun for her. the more i thought about it the more i'd love to go. damn. and i watched Boudu sauvé des eaux the other day, which is set at the Institut de France and on the Pont des Arts (the Criterion set also has a fascinating interactive map of Paris on the disc, relating the history of various areas of the city); and there's a damn stratling coincidence right there as i'm also currently reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, which, everyone knows, who's most famous location is the Louvre -- which sits at the end of the Pont des Arts, mere feet from the cool Boudu location :) i asked the ex to take some pics of the beautiful cast-iron pedestrian bridge for me.

don't forget--Big Brother is at 10 pm tonight.

forgot to mention--i got this 16x Memorex 100-DVD+R spindle at Future Shop for $39.99. on sale this week. weirdly enough, the 50-disc spindle is also $39.99. i almost got ripped off but the cashier told me about the 100-disc set when i noticed the mistake on the 50 one. thank you.

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