September 02, 2005

yep. i'm back already. i blogged all day yesterday but even though it can look like a waste, the day off did wonders for me. so today's friday, which means new films at the movie theaters. we've got original language films--Ingmar Bergman's Sarabande, March of the Penguins, The Edukators, Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers, and Jean-Marc Vallée's C.R.A.Z.Y.. films of no interest to me--The Transporter 2 and The Brothers Grimm (ie. until the Weinsteins release a Gilliam Director's Cut, that is).

the ex is supposed to go down to Montreal sunday. maybe spend the day there, before getting her roommate back home later that night. she seemed to hint that i could come along but i've not asked her about it yet. i'm looking at the film listings. the Cinéma du Parc seems to have some interesting films on. i didn't know that The Constant Gardener (which looked like a sappy movie, got immediately bumped up a huge notch to compelling when i learned that it was based on a John Le Carré novel) was directed by City of God's Fernando Meirelles. now there's one film i wouldn't mind seeing. plus, the critics have been fantastic. i'm baffled to see it (seemingly) being slept on.

12:55 PM

oh my god. i thought the Mystery Guest Julie mentioned in last night's Big Brother might be Kaysar (how perfect would that have been?) ...but it's really not.

2:50 PM

more lightsaber goodness from last night.
btw, the feeds are off until after tomorrow night's show (veto comp, hoh comp, nominations). there's also a new plot twist involved they don't want spoiled.

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