October 22, 2005

boy, was i deluded... lol :)
about my birthday surprise at work, that is. see, we've been planning surprise birthdays for the past two people (like birthday lunches). i was next. so far, uh, not so much :P i really thought they'd surprise me with something tonight, like at dinner or, going out after our shift or i'd come home to a birthday party. but none of those things happened tonight. lol. wow. my ego was taken down a notch :) i was paranoid about it too. the girl i caught in a lie about my birthday did get me a nice cake and gave it to me at dinner. that was nice. i remembered she did that for two other people so i'm not in such bad company. the biggest letdown was how much planning i thought had gone into it (lol) because i make it a point to surprise people with elaborate stuff; so i thought they'd get me tonight. i guess tonight not :) of course most of my closest friends from work weren't working tonight so that didn't help matters much.

about New Lab Girl: she was MIA tonight. but i saw Original Lab Girl, who's been on the day shift for the past two months as well. was surprised to see her walking by in the cafeteria. i wasn't sure because i'd only spotted her shirt but i turned to my ex-partner, who was sitting over at the other end of the table, who immediately glanced at me and nodded :P (we still got it :) but that was it. and they, the lab people, didn't come to the cafeteria for their break tonight. next week, i guess (sigh). it couldn't have been a fluke that worked only one evening, could it? hopefully not. (damn.)

tomorrow morning i'm going to the ex-roommate's place. we'll probably take a walk outside and then i guess i'm invited for dinner, which is nice. talk to you soon.

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