October 19, 2005

Boston 3 Montreal 4
Game #7 of 82

whoa!! i was at work tonight so i couldn't catch the game. i wasn't even aware there was a game tonight, though, until i asked a fellow Habs fan/coworker who was carrying a portable radio. at breaktime we asked him what the score was and he told us he'd turned it off when the Habs were trailing 2-0 in the first period :) he seemed disappointed and frustrated. i wasn't. i mean, it's hard to come back against a two-goal lead, especially in the first period, but it can be done. but this 4-3 thing was a shock. wow. very cool. kudos to the players for pinching in. and according to the article above, tonight's was a highlights game for the Habs. hopefully i'll remember to catch them when i wake up tomorrow morning :)

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