October 13, 2005

Montreal 2 Atlanta 0
Game #5 of 82

[ didn't see this game because of work. ]
Montreal continues with their strong season start by nailing a fourth win in five games. weird that they lost the one home game, though, but i love that they won all four away games. important games to win. i'm incredibly excited by what i'm seeing this team becoming. saturday, Toronto's in town. should be a good fight, especially considering Montreal's win in TO a mere 5 days ago.

10:03 AM

uh..... and next week Apple will release a car small enough to fit up your urethra.
your grandmother's iPod is better than yours: i hope you got your nano last week 'cause the surprisingly not-too-expensive 5th generation iPod is out next week. and it has goddamn video playback. yeah. and a TV Out.
oh, and the new iTunes 6 is out already. is that busy enough for ya?

1:43 PM

there's a free NHL Network preview until the end of the month, for those interested in such a thing :)
since we switched to Bell ExpressVU i lost TSN, which i am mourning in this new hockey season. it feels good to have it back in my life, though, even if it is only for a short month :)
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