October 07, 2005

Montreal 4 New York Rangers 3 OT
Game #3 of 82

Ryder started the Montreal party with his 2nd of the season (his first was the winner the day before), then superstar hopefuls (we've got quite a few in our roster) Higgins and Perezhogin each scored their first NHL goal tonight. but the Rangers went into overdrive in the last half of the third period on what looked like Jagr's whim and things got quite intense for a few minutes. but all's well that ended well for Montreal fans as the game went into overtime and Michael Ryder scored, not only his 2nd of the game, but already his third goal of the season, and his 2nd game-winning goal in as many games/days for the team. brilliant. i wasn't sure about the game going in but, after a sleepy first period, the team settled in and started playing some inspired hockey. glad to see Julien and Gainey use the young guys to their full potential. you can see it re-energizing the team.

ps. i missed last night's game but was able to find it online. but there doesn't seem to be a steady stream of NHL games on torrent sites (i rechecked the site and found more games than i initially did, so maybe i did jump the gun a bit -- it was only the NHL's 2nd day after all). does anybody where i could find more hockey torrents? thanks :)

U2 are given the keys to tonight's Late Night with Conan?
dunno. this is the first i've heard of it. but even though i've grown amazingly tired of the band, oh, say, at least five years ago, it sounds damn cool nonetheless.

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