October 09, 2005

Montreal 5 Toronto 4
Game #4 of 82

i was at my aunt's and uncle's in Ottawa saturday (actually Hull). we drove down yesterday for my aunt's 50th birthday anniversary (it was an excuse to see them and my cousins, and bring along my brother from Banff, whom they hadn't seen in 7 years, as a surprise :) we came back this afternoon. we were able to catch last night's game (hey, good call on benching Dagenais!! couldn't agree more) and play some NHL 2004 with my cousin on the GameCube :) i got up at 6:30 this morning to drive my brother down to the airport with my uncle. it was damn early, i'll tell you that much, but there was no cloud in sight. it was especially nice and crispy out. a good way to start the day. needless to say i slept like a fucking brick on the backseat on our 4-hour drive back home this afternoon :)

on our way back, as seems to have become the new tradition recently, i made my mom and her boyfriend stop by Record Runner in downtown Ottawa. after dropping my brother off at the airport this morning i didn't feel like going back to bed so i decided to read more precisely about albums i was interested in and made a list. of course they were all priced around $19.99 so i left them there but i managed to get a mix of cheap new releases and older stuff i'd been looking for for a while but were usually a bit expensive. i snatched the following:

RILO KILEY - more adventurous
COCOROSIE - Noah's Ark

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