October 23, 2005

New York Islanders 3 Montreal 4
Game #8 of 82

fucking awesome. didn't see a freaking second of the game but i like the end result.

i spent the entire day and evening at the ex-roommate's house for my birthday. but the day started with the ex waking me up from sleep. i realized the roommate must've come home already and let her in. she made me some pancakes for my bday :) then off to the ex-roommate's. we spent the afternoon out on Mount Orford, enjoying the incredible scenery. the sun was out but it was still chilly. very much fall weather and i enjoyed it (even though i was clearly under-dressed for the occasion). tonight she and her boyfriend cooked me a great meal and the evening ended at around 10:30. not bad. and i got me some nice phone calls wishing me a happy birthday. it was not the busiest of birthdays but it was a sincerely nice one. (oh, and i also ran into my first girlfriend's father at the grocery store! :P he recognized me (i did go out with his daughter for almost 3 years - but that ended 8 years ago!!) i had a lot of fun with him back then. the chemistry was still there today.

3:50 PM

hey. how are ya? i'm back to being a bit under the weather, myself. trying to take care of my poor little body. i should go to the grocery store in a little bit. i should. btw, check this little Friendster horoscope for me today:
Love happens in the darnedest places, doesn't it? In the grocery store, at the corner bodega -- and, less infrequently, at work. So if you're just now getting used to the idea that this new position might be absolutely perfect after all, and that there's really not one more 'perk' you could possibly have imagined, try not to be too surprised when someone you admire lets you know it's mutual -- and not because your work is so exemplary.
not too bad, uh? :) have a good one.

7:07 PM

whew. the roommate and his girlfriend, who'd come back late this afternoon, just went back to the girlfriend's place for the night :) i'm gonna watch a movie tonight. this'll be the first entire evening i'll have to myself in about a week or two. about damn time.

but that's not what i've interrupted the blog for. oh no. check this out -- i (heart) music finds the next big thing to come out of Montreal ...and names Heroes & Villains!! now, i haven't heard a note from this band -but- i heard about the band almosta year ago. i was lucky enough to meet up with a friend, and fellow indie music-lover, in the lineup of the Montreal Pixies show last year. she told me about this band some of her friends (or her boyfriend's friends?) were in, who's music she found really interesting. she urged me to check out their site. and yep, the band was Heroes & Villains (here's the evidence). it's nice to see the name pop up as the next big thing :)

btw, if you're looking to rent Gus Van Sant's Last Days tomorrow, make sure you get the full frame version as this is the original aspect ratio the film was shot in (the info on the dvd is still a bit sketchy at this point as Zip says it's a 2-disc set with the full frame and widescreen versions appearing on separate discs while DVD Talk and DVD Town both say it's a single flipper disc. maybe there are separate canadian and american sets. or maybe Zip's info was the initial one and forgot to update it. that could be it).

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