October 30, 2005

New York Rangers 5 Montreal 2
Game #11 of 82

wow. what a fricking score. but the scoresheet doesn't do justice to the game. sure the Rangers were everywhere and they dominated, but it was a humiliating game for the Canadiens. after the disastrous 3-0 first period, the Rangers held onto their huge lead in the second. the third period, howerever, saw the return of the hungry Canadiens with two amazing goals (that finally went past Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist), but the puck was simply on New York's side as the disheartened Bell Centre crowd saw them score two quick goals late in the third that sealed the Habs' fate. btw, i don't care what Souray's excuses are - take him out of his misery. he may be a leader in the dressing room but he's a fucking moronic cone on the ice. as for the game, they had to have at least one bad game this season, i guess. now it's out of the way. bring back the old team now. we're ready.

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