October 26, 2005

Philadelphia 2 Montreal 3
Game #9 of 82

the Habs are aquiring quite a record this year (7 wins in 9 games).

i took off early from work because i thought the roommate was spending the night at his girlfriend's place. i even called three times after 9 pm to make sure. but right before i leave the job i check my messages ...and they're all gone! shit. i get home, and sure enough, he's here. but alone. watch some tv, go take my shower, and i come out to... an empty apartment once again. lol. hey, at least i've got the apartment now (although i could've finished my entire shift and come to an empty apartment :) gonna watch a movie!! yay. i haven't had nearly enough time to do that in the past few weeks.

and because Just Jared rules today:

Michael Vartan vs Bradley Cooper, Part 2 (i am looking forward to hearing Vartan speak french).
Alanis and Ryan Reynolds at last weekend's Colorado-Canucks game.

have a great night/morning :)

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