October 16, 2005

Toronto 3 Montreal 2
Game #6 of 82

1:58 PM

so something happened not on our way to the forum.
yesterday the ex and i decided to waste the rainy day in Montreal. we were suppose to drive out to her friend's parents' house (to give them back their camping equipment the ex and her friend had used in Europe) but they couldn't on saturday. so i thought, why not go to Montreal? we could shop around and catch a film. so off we went. on our way there i remembered that Toronto was playing the Canadiens that very evening, and i was pretty sure it was in Montreal. so i tell the ex and chuckle about how close we'll be to the big game (i wanted to watch it on tv but the roommate would probably take over the living room that evening, and a flick in Montreal wouldn't be something to spit on). the ex likes and understands hockey but hasn't followed the NHL in a quite a few years. we were curious and thought we'd swing by the Bell Centre to see how much the tickets would be; if any were left, that is. (Toronto -- on a saturday night? forget it.) we shopped around, came across more than a few Leafs and Canadiens shirts, and around 5-ish we made our way to the Bell Centre. a few scalpers stopped us along the way. we asked about their prices but they were too expensive. the ex didn't wanna spend over a hundred bucks per ticket. and i wasn't gonna pressure her into going to a hockey game anyway. she'd take the decision and i'd just gladly follow. the game was indeed sold-out, btw, so if we were gonna go we'd have to go with the scalpers. our interesting detour was coming to an end but we decided to go eat first, come back to see new prices, and make a decision then (but we'd have to be quick if we were to catch a 7 pm-ish film anyway). we came back to the Bell Centre at around 6 and saw our familiar scalpers. the first one was selling us two tickets in the blue section (the highest), centre ice, for $70 each. a bit expensive since the tix are $25-35 but we could afford it. i blankly asked the ex if she wanted to go or not (i didn't care either way) and she decided she did wanna go :D so bought them, headed back to a Second Cup and came back for the game 20 minutes later --- I GOT INTO THE TORONTO VS MONTREAL GAME !!! :D i couldn't believe it. that so wasn't what my day was supposed to be about. the fact that it was a saturday was cool. the fact that it was Toronto-Montreal was spectacular. but that it all happened so quickly and unexpectedly made it just pure joy. and i couldn't thank the ex enough for that, as she has always been able to go with the flow. and that always impressed me. during the warm-up and subsequent pre-game waiting period, i just kept getting more and more excited as the minutes ticked by :P i honestly wouldn't have cared if we hadn't got in --it was a win-win situation both ways-- but since i hadn't expected going to the Bell Centre, against the Leafs, that night, i guess it hadn't sunk in until i saw the players prepare for the game :) it was hella cool. as for the game itself, it was okay. there were some spectacular plays and breathtaking moments (Alex Kovalev, you are a god, sir), and i was literally on the edge of my seat (and, a lot of times, on my feet) for at least half the game. then there were the Leafs fans filling up the building :) the last game i went to at the Bell Centre was against the Leafs and i kept marveling at the electric atmosphere it all generated. we got to meet a few cool Toronto fans who were sitting beside us. it was simply one awesome evening...

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