October 19, 2005

oh, btw, i got my Amazon order monday ... it'd shipped friday evening(!). i put in the order last week after being frustrated of running around for a (low-priced) copy of the 2cd Broken Social Scene album. the other two are albums i had waiting on my want list.

THE GO! TEAM - THUNDER, LIGHTNING, STRIKE (north america, bonus tracks)

too funny: The Taunting Cat.

9:53 PM

Clint Eastwood is gonna shoot his upcoming film Flag of our Fathers as two separate entities. the film is about the storming of Iwo Jima and Eastwood thought it important to also tell the Japanese side. i say this is brilliant. kudos to him for doing it this way. especially involving something as touchy as the All-Mighty American Military Ego. i applaud every time someone tries to give a different perspective. this shall not disappoint.

11:18 PM

shit. after weeks of patiently holding on to their emails, insound finally got me with their 25% off quiz/sale. hopefully all four items are available and will ship shortly. (these are great choices, i feel, and i'll let you know about them when i get them, but i really need to lay off the credit card. lol.) now i gotta get to bed. for real. i called in sick tonight because i've been under the weather for the past 3 days, but this morning i really felt my body being sluggish. slept for over an hour this evening and ate a healthy meal. hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow morning.

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