October 03, 2005

oh my god. Kevin Smith is off Fletch Won.
the film's producer tries to make it look like the film ain't gonna be shit now.
(that is one shitty, shitty, shitty decision.)

oh god. so tomorrow's the day i go broke. god help us all, music-lovers.

6:05 PM

even though i didn't do much, i had a hell of a day.
went running with the iPod again. i found a track about 10 minutes away from here that i can jog to. a good addition/change to my usual routine. the ex hasn't called yet. her plane's coming in today, but i just don't know when exactly. but she also has to get her car from her parents' house a good hour away from here. so may even stay the night. dunno. i cleaned my slate today so i could see her whenever she'd come back. it looks like the roommate is spending the night at his girlfriend's tonight. yay. will have the apartment to myself. gonna watch a movie if the ex doesn't call.

Criterion has announced its January 2006 slate (so far no double disc sets but it's still early. love the Kurosawa cover).

THE BAD SLEEP WELL Akira Kurosawa, 1960
YOUNG MR. LINCOLN John Ford, 1939
THE VIRGIN SPRING Ingmar Bergman, 1960

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