October 05, 2005

today's the day we've been waiting for for the past year, people!!
the NHL Season is upon us!!!!!!!!!!!

a few weeks ago i realized that the NHL's and the Canadiens' first game would be tonight - i immediately asked my brother if we could make it an evening and watch the game together :) tonight's the night, folks! let the games begin!!

i have so missed NHL hockey. especially Canadiens' hockey. god: Saku, Kovalev, Zednik. and now all the new blood. plus, the players who were rookies two years ago but now have solid roles in the team because they showed they could take them on. brilliant. i LOVE it!

update: Montreal 2 vs Boston 1 !!

the first period was exciting, but Montreal lagged off for the 2nd and first half of the third. thankfully some inspired plays showed up from time to time and Michael Ryder scored with twelve seconds to go to the game. Raycroft had no chance as Kovalev, Koivu, and Ryder all took shots one after the other while the Boston defense was sleeping somewhere. it was beautiful. when we put our heads together we can come up with some amazing stuff. i would've loved to see shootouts but i guess that'll be for next time. oh, and hopefully Julien benches, or even better, sends down Dagenais. the guy is not a professional hockey player. sure he showed he could be play great bursts of hockey with Ribeiro but that was two years ago and he's just a hindrance now. after last night's game i won't be crying anymore if he goes. send him off and bring in the amazing new guys!

next game is tonight against the New York Rangers (and newly-acquired, from the Canadiens, just last week, Marcel Hossa).

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