November 21, 2005

a new week starts today. work week, anyway. i got up early this morning because i've got an appointment this afternoon for an oil change and to get my winter tires on. that cuts into my already-short day so i had to make up some time by going to bed earlier than usual last night.

hmm. so yesterday i see a report about new 24 castmembers. of course i don't click on the link because it's more fun not knowing what's coming (the only thing i knew was the cool addition of a hobbit). but Frank chromewaves spilled the beans this morning. go check it out if you're into that sort of thing. too bad i know now but the news was shocking and really good. they keep pulling these great castings out of their asses, i swear. never saw that coming.

oh, for fuck's sake. just when i thought no one could top this morning's casting news, here goes a mindblowing one. David Bowie might appear in a new movie entitled The Prestige alongside -get this- Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine!!! i had to check out who the director was. wanna know? Christopher Nolan...! :P (i can't believe i've already forgotten about the Batman Begins fiasco (that's right, i said it).)

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