November 05, 2005

Buffalo 2 Montreal 3
MTL Game #15 of 82, 11-3-1

despite the roommate supposedly renting a movie with his girlfriend, i was actually able to watch the whole game tonight. and what a treat it was! this was definitely the most exciting Canadiens game i've seen all season. and in the third period, we saw a shot of Koivu's face after a play - you just knew the game was on! it felt like they could turn it on whenevew they wanted to. this team is actually gelling quite well incredibly early in the year. and it seems to be sticking where in previous seasons it would go out for a couple of frustratingly dry weeks. we're definitely back to fun hockey for us Montreal fans.

Next game: November 8, 2005, against the Tampa Bay Lightning (MTL).

ps. i've been meaning to go to bed early tonight but, alas, iTunes seems to have had some other, more devious, plan for me. (i'm running iTunes 4.9, btw, not the dreaded 5 or 6.) anyway. i'd been happily encoding a few Garbage singles tonight when iTunes froze up. i had to force quit iTunes and couldn't get the drive to open up after that, nor could i try to import the songs with another program. so the drive froze. i had to manually reboot and re-try it. to no fucking avail. been doing this for a couple of hours now. i've just given but i'm hoping a kind soul will know a solution to this. btw, iTunes (or my drive) started encoding only 6 seconds of the first song of each batch. it started when i didn't select track 1 but i could go around it by selecting it again afterwards. but after a while it started going downhill. can anyone help me out? i'd love you forever :) DVD DRive - Samsung SD-616E. oh, both of my drives do this now, you see. so i don't think it's the drives that are responsible (the other one's a NEC). i've upgraded the firmwares using the Upgrade button in the System pop-up. -- hey, i'm using Windows Media Player and it seems to be ripping the files just fine!! will see tomorrow if i can't get iTunes to work again but i'm scared it'll freeze up again. lol. but -- i'd still love to hear from someone who's had the same experience and found a solution :) thanks.

oh, btw, what are your iTunes settings to import/encode songs? mine are 192 kbps (stereo), VBR (Highest Quality), 48,000 kHz. but i was wondering if i should take them up a notch to 224 kbps, and if so, what do i set the VBR to? lemme know :)

Sunday, 11:18 AM

and now iTunes is working fine. fuck. maybe i tired it out last night by encoding too many cd's? hmm. weird. anyone ever have that happen to them?

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