November 16, 2005

Florida 3 Montreal 4 (OT)
MTL Game #19 of 82, 13-3-3

didn't see the game but heard about it. winning with 4 seconds to go in overtime when you had a lead of 3-0 during the actual game is not fun. get your shit together. on the good side, it seems like the Habs have gotten really good at having outstanding first periods lately. hey, would look at that - Montreal has separated itself from the herd and taken the #1 spot in the Eastern Conference, and a second place overall!! that hasn't happened in a long time. very good. now if they could just get their shit under control (which coach Julien is likely to make them do now), all will be good in the hearts of Habs fans everywhere.

Next game: Friday, November 18, 2005, against the New Jersey Devils (NJ).

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