November 02, 2005

Florida 4 Montreal 5 (OT)
MTL Game #13 of 82, 9-3-1

Michael Ryder scores in ovetime!!! it's starting to be repetitive, but we like it :) Begin scored the tying goal with 8 seconds to go in the game. that was such a big fucking relief! Montreal played great first and second periods, but then they just lost their momentum in the third and began, for the next twenty minutes, to get into the frustrating habit of taking idiotic penalties which resulted in the Panthers coming back in the game -- and almost stealing it right from under the Habs and their very disappointed and angry fans. but thank god for Begin and Ryder. and Koivu and Zednik and Kovalev. everyone chipped in. even Souray was invisible tonight thanks to his good playing. i think the guys learned a lesson in not letting go of a game until the full 60 minutes are up. and hey, this was a home win too! we don't have too many of those :)

and hey, because i called in sick today (which i should have done yesterday but since i was still exhausted when i got up this morning i decided i'd take today off and rest up) i was able to catch the whole game :) always a big plus to see it for myself. scoresheets rarely tell the story of the game. i hope you had a great day too :)

Next game: November 4, 2005, vs the Buffalo Sabres (BUF)

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