November 05, 2005

Montreal 3 Buffalo 2
MTL Game #14 of 82, 10-3-1

it's funny how much out of it you are when you're working on gamenight. once again i was at work and only learned of the game around 10 pm. the last update had Buffalo leading 2-1. i think. at the end of our shift someone asked who'd won and someone mentioned Montreal in overtime. that was all i needed. tonight, i think the roommate and his girlfriend are gonna be here so i'm expect them to take the living room. i'll try to get my cheap-but-trustworthy tv antenae hooked up to the roommate's tv (that's been steadily gathering dust) in the computer room to watch the game. should be fun.

Next game: November 5, 2005, vs the Buffalo Sabres (MTL)

btw, i had a fun evening at work tonight - despite feeling incredibly exhausted (so thankful it was friday night). but since i changed departments at work, i'm now able to listen to my iPod while working for a few hours a night. and it is fun :) i've been checking out artists i'd been curious about, getting up-to-date with my favorite Podcasts (i'd stopped running these past few weeks, thanks to the cooler weather - running was my main source of Podcast-enjoyment), and encoding a few more of my albums. it's been good. really good.

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