November 27, 2005

Montreal 3 Toronto 4 (OT)
MTL Game #24 of 82, 14-6-4

oh. my. god. the Canadiens played an atrocious first period, it seems. glad i only caught the last 5 minutes of it. it seemed like they were destined to suck again tonight. but then, the second period happened. and they were on fire! and the Leafs were actually asleep. even without Kovalev, we were passing them by and weaving the puck around the big guys. Koivu was magnificient. and Ribeiro too. come to think of it, Ryder was also kind of a quarterback for the team. everyone seemed to give it every they had right into the third period. it was some damn good hockey we saw tonight. for both teams and their fans. but it must always come to an end, and as is the case when Toronto plays the Habs, they seem to be able to do anything they want when they get their asses kicked for a while. they got the overtime goal and that was it. i'm tired of the Canadiens losing -- actually, they didn't lose; they got a point because they tied the actual game. seems we've been doing so for the past couple of weeks now. but the force with which we fought after that first period was definitely inspiring. but bring Kovalev back quickly. Koivu looked mightily alone out there.

Next game: Tuesday, November 29, 2005, against the Ottawa Senators (OTT).

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