November 01, 2005

Montreal 4 New York Rangers 1
MTL Game #12 of 82, 8-3-1

what the fuck happened???! whoa-- i come home from work, having heard nothing of the game, and very hesitantly check out my favorite Habs site to see tonight's score. a 4-1 win?? over the Rangers who blew us away 5-2 only saturday night?? hell yeah. i'll take that. the site doesn't have their game article up yet [ update: they do now. ] so i have no clue how the game played out (although, reading the forum does make it sound like it was another spottily boring Rangers game). Game #13 is tonight/tuesday against Florida. hey, i might actually be calling sick to work. it has nothing to do with the game, i really should have taken tonight off. we'll see how i feel when i wake up tomorrow morning.

Next game: November 1, 2005, vs the Florida Panthers (MTL)

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