November 09, 2005

Tampa Bay 2 Montreal 3
MTL Game #16 of 82, 12-3-1

do you see that record?? i mean -- do you see that record?? fuck yeah! 12 wins in 16 games. that's outstanding. they're not winning the Stanley Cup, they're not even close to nabbing it, but, as the start of a season, this is one mighty fine record to be proud of. of course i was at work tonight and was only able to learn of the score at midnight, so i can't even comment on the game (i saw a game replay where they were losing 2-1 with 15 minutes to go to the game; and only heard Theo was stopping everything, keeping them in the game), but i keep getting surprised by my lovely little team :) things seem to be working fine, and more importantly, they're being steady. something they haven't been in years. there's a real team here. for the first time in a long while.

Next game: November 10, 2005, against the Pittsburgh Penguins (PIT).

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