November 12, 2005

Toronto 5 Montreal 4 (OT)
MTL Game #18 of 82, 12-3-3

god. alright. i'm happy we got a point for the tie. and i'm actually really glad the Canadiens rallied back from losing 2-0 in the second and came back from behind, i think, twice in the game. and we did control the entire first period and Toronto lost it thanks to an enormous amount of penalties. the Habs lost in overtime seconds after a penalty was issued. big wup. i think we played incredibly solid hockey tonight. we just couldn't hold off the Leafs luck against us (they can score in a matter of seconds with us). but at the end of the night, we did play some outstanding hockey, and i'm happy about that. [ btw, that was some class act retiring Dickie Moore's and Yvan Cournoyer's #12 sweaters tonight. i wasn't even around when they played for the Habs but even i was touched by it. ]

Next game: Tuesday, November 15, 2005, against the Florida Panthers (MTL).

ps. Elisha has actually posted again!! nice. (speaking of which, the Bell ExpressVU told me ABC had an episode of 24 playing tonight. did i read that right? and the plot made it sound like the first season. i have no idea if this is true or not, nor do i have the motivation to look it up, but i thought it was, at the very least, intriguing.)

i gotta go to bed. we're going to Montreal tomorrow :)

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