November 28, 2005

oh god. here's a late-ass post that just suddenly spiraled out of control (i swear i'm going to bed after this). so U2 were in Montreal for two shows this weekend. i don't care because i don't care that much about U2 anymore. if they do a good album, i'll come back. but for the time being, they're bland. so they're in Montreal for two shows and Arcade Fire have agreed to open for them on these two dates only (the album-writing process prevailing over a real tour). first thing i hear about the trip is that Bono has indeed arrived in the city. woo.. what do you think would've happened? the mainstream media is going temporarily nuts for U2 and Bono. apparently, Bono and Adam have been seen eating at a fancy restaurant and hanging out with Cirque du Soleil founder, and friend, Guy Laliberté. that's cool. i didn't know they knew each other. fine. but then Egotastic reports a cool rumour. i think it's a bit premature, but it would be fun if it ended up being about a big show they were planning. then i stumble upon an article about Daniel Lanois getting a satellite shoutout directly from U2's Atlanta show last week for his Lifetime Achievement Award given to him at his hometown of Hamilton. oh, but that's not all, my friends. no, it's not. the shocker, the thing that, on top of Arcade Fire opening for them (and exchanging intro songs), made me regret (a little) underestimating the band was that they had the balls to bring Lanois on-stage with them for a fucking jam. for fuck's sake! why aren't they interesting enough anymore so that i would have gone and seen them?? shit. that was Saturday night. the second show is... tonight! monday! fuck. how many more tricks do they have up their sleeves?? things can't get more intense than this. (but you just know they have some more.)

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