November 14, 2005

Darren Lynn Bousman (USA 2005)

if you haven't seen the first Saw, go watch that now. you're missing out on some fine, bold filmmaking. it's a rare and twisted mix of tension, and, most surprisingly, intellect, that's simply lacking in today's american films - espcially horror. as for the sequel, like all the reviews have stated, they were simply able to take what was working for the first one and built on top of that to craft another clever piece of exciting joyride. it is definitely not repetitive and works on its own. it's simply, and effortlessly, another brilliant work of intellectual cat and mouse game, with shocking results. that doesn't mean that it's perfect. there are a shitload of plot holes, which i can't go into here because i'd be spoiling half the story, but the brilliance and fun of the film make you gladly overlook them. Saw II is simply a great and wonderful piece of entertainment. a rare thing nowadays. run to it.

Posted by Sam | 10:21 AM |