November 12, 2005

SNL = Jason Lee (and the foo fighters). tonight.
gotta tape it. the guys are right on the money. Lee will brighten things up in there. gotta watch.

11:37 PM

<< ALERT!! >>

...what the fuck's happening...? come on, Fox. don't make it so...
they've gotta be kidding me. pulling the show from the November sweeps to make way for Prison Break, i can understand that. but cutting the season back to 13 episodes? if true, that could be devastating. did they decide to put Prison Break in its place for 2006? that show has been doing well (i think) but come on. choose another show to crap on if that's the case. arrested Development has been beloved since its inception and the love hasn't stopped since. do not pull the plug. there's gonna be such a massive backlash if that happens. i think the Family Guy fiasco wasn't nearly as big as this. in the meantime, we can only hope and hear something concrete soon (they'll have to comment on this sometime soon).

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