December 06, 2005

24 - Season Four is out, folks. i kept forgetting this was coming these past few months until a coworker pointed it out to me last week. after being excited back into the wonderful world of 24 ...i forgot about it again. lol. but here it is. has it for a steep $69.99. pick it up at Future Shop for the usual $57.99. [ whoa -- DVDTalk (link above) seems to love this set!! fuck. i was gonna pick it up anyway. that was a no-brainer. but whether i picked it up today or in a few weeks, i had no idea. shit. but there's this teaser for Season Five on there...and they just revealed one tiny info about the new i had no idea. every tiny new info i get always makes me jump for joy somehow. did they finally get out of their rut? it's sure leading up to it. i can't wait to be surprised all over again. ]

holy mother of god - Spike Jonze is a genius.

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