December 29, 2005

hey, everyone. i need your help. Future Shop has these Harman/Kardon HKS 3 satellite speakers on sale for $79.99. my surround speakers are the oldest items in my system (which i got as part of a cheap surround combo about 8 years ago at Club Price) so i was thinking this could be a great, and rather cheap, upgrade. but i couldn't find any reviews on these speakers. anybody got anything? thanks :)

11:52 AM

i think i'll go with the speakers. they're not that expensive (a $100 rebate??), they're Harman/Kardon, and they're a definite upgrade from my crappy Pioneers. although i'm not sure about the metalic look, they do seem more discreet than the bulky ones i already have. i might not hear the possible difference right now but i suspect i will once i plug these in.

for those of you (us) who order stuff online and can't wait to get them, here's
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... up to 2010!

3:01 PM

psst-- you just might be able to find the A**tic M**keys album right about now...

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