December 12, 2005

Montreal's got a 14-hour New Year's Eve party at the Bell Centre this year, called Celebration, starring Paul Oakenfold! (uh, okay. i've gotta calm down on this. his site actually lists a 2nd new year's eve party in New York. dunno what his times are, though. i'd take New York. okay, so the Montreal show is from 9PM to noon the next day. i can't see Paul Oakenfold warming the place up at 9 so he could be in NY for midnight. so i say he's here for the New Year :) oh, but the New York party is called, wait for it... New Year's Eve with Paul Oakenfold. ha. 9PM to 9AM. ah, 'and Special Guests'. so they can fill up some time, but i'd expect him to be there for midnight with those prices.

1:22 PM

Danni wins Survivor: Guatemala !!!
sorry if that's already old news but i'd taped the show :) i've been on Gary and Danni's team since a couple of weeks before the merge, but it never dawned on me that Danni would be the ideal winner for this Survivor until last week's episode where she, once again, pulled through the eye of the needle. i was in love. so congrats to her. btw, Rafe was my 2nd choice for the win because he continuously won every immunity challenge and did it with a heart of gold. hurrah for that. btw, i was totally with him when Cindy decided against giving the other four survivors their own Torrents (...does it come with an iPod and a dvd player??). as soon as Jeff said she could give up her car to give one to each other contestant, i immediately jumped. i would've given the cars, no question about it. dunno what the big deal is. as Rafe said, it's one car against four, and making your four friends happy. forget about them voting for you in the end, that's not about that. it's about giving. need a car? fuck, you'll make money after the show. i thought she was an ass.
btw, if there's one lesson Survivor continually teaches us is that ... makeup uggs people up :) the contrast, from natural to fake, is striking, to say the least.
now on to the next season - Panama: Exile Island, which looks brilliant. dunno the details of the game but they gave us just enough to get me interested in the game once again. btw, i haven't followed any season of Survivor with as much interest as i did this one. i believe i am a fan now.
oh, and CBS - try to get Danni and Gary on the Amazing Race, okay? them and Kaysar.

Megstasy. brilliant.

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