December 05, 2005

there's still life in Arrested Development. Brian Grazer's interested in other networks to pick up the most hilarious show on tv. see? don't count this bestest show out. we're only warming up to the fight. btw, the biggest surprise to me was seeing a preview for tonight's triumphant return of our Bluths. i'd actually counted them out for 2005 and was looking forward to new episodes in January. count me surprised. also back on tonight (for a bit): Kitchen Confidential. with the much-talked about Michael Vartan episode(s?).

shit. looks like Blogspot is under some kind of maintenance right now (Blogger works fine). no biggie.

just wanted to say that i've tweaked Firefox a bit since yesterday and i've almost got it to working like my good ole Mozilla Suite. i must say that Firefox is lighter and comes back to life quicker than Mozilla did. probably because Mozilla has a bit more running with it - Composer and Mail client. and i don't wanna switch over to Thunderbird just yet - the Mozilla Mail client has done a wonderful job. and i've managed to bring that into Firefox, thanks to some nifty tweaks. so that's it for now. that was my Firefox update.

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