December 13, 2005

Trailers. of movies i'm actually excited about:

Miami Vice Michael Mann (USA 2006) [ trailer's buried in the Bacardi site. ]
Mission: Impossible III JJ Abrams (USA 2006)

the Miami Vice trailer, with that shitty Limp Bizkit or Korn song, doesn't do anything, but i'm still gonna be there opening weekend. it's Micheal Mann, baby, folks! with Colin Farrell. but you've got that MI III teaser. now that's something! JJ Abrams, i love you. he got an amazing set of actors this film (and that shot of Philip Seymour Hoffman, dressed in white, surrounded by his black-clad soldiers, while flying away in an helicopter, is fucking priceless) and he still seems to know how to do action :) damn!

...holy shit. so that's why there was no Daily Show last night. how the fuck will they do tonight's show? they'll have to address it in some kind of way. and it'll have to show on Jon. wow.

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