December 19, 2005

wow. Americans sure don't like blood in their [ Kung Fu Hustle ] movies.
that's a lot of sad, right there.

so. my xmas surprise to the ex-roommate was... A McGarrigle XMas :)
Kate and Anna McGarrigle are Rufus and Martha Wainwright's mom and aunt. and the show was filled with family and friends singing xmas-y songs. they added a 4 pm show a couple of weeks ago and there's the Carnegie Hall show coming up this week. and then that's it. so i thought it was perfect for the ex-roommate. and she enjoyed it. as did i. it felt amateurish (probably because there wasn't a whole lot of rehearsal time) but coming from the McGarrigle clan it's always alright. and you never pass up the chance to see Rufus and Martha performing with their family in a small Montreal theater. never. if you've ever seen them live, that's just not done. so, aside from some of the heavily christian songs, there were more than a few glorious moments that gave us chills and made us laugh. it just reconfirmed my faith in seeing Rufus perform for a crowd. the man just exudes effortless presence and charm. that's all i have to say :)

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