January 31, 2006

24, Day 5
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

what an exciting new day for Jack Bauer. i'm serious. i haven't been this pumped about the way a season was unfolding since Season 2. there's a feeling of breaking new ground with this season. there are familiar storylines but they managed to find new angles to add to the drama instead of rethreading old ground. last night's episode was the first one since the start of the season where i felt they did go back a little to their old ways (WMD's stolen by a non-threatening antagonist; Haas, the bad guy Kiefer offed in the oil refinery in the first episode, exuded way more menace than these bland world terrorists). but apart from that, it was another refreshing new episode. no doubt. there was drama (Jack, Audrey, and Diane), ballsy action (Jack going right into the lion's den and going up to Logan and Cummings; Jack wastes no time), and the returning of past favs whom you can count on to do the right thing (Aaron!!). the episode lagged a bit towards the end with the predictable theft of the nerve gas (btw, that video of the guy gagging on weaker nerve gas was vicious!). it didn't do anything to propel me into the 2nd quarter of the season which looks like more of a re-thread of past seasons (but Sean Callery's recent discovery of basslines is definitely enticing). this season, they discovered some leg room with familiar plotlines, realized the road is infinitely larger than what they were used to. the twists and nuances of the characters (instead of chasing boringly vague virus threats) are what's driving the season and i'm just eating it up. i haven't been this excited about 24 for a long time.

excuse me while i pick up my jaw from the floor -- Lisa Loeb, ladies and gentlemen. miss Lisa Loeb.
i believe i am in love :)

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