January 16, 2006

24, Day 5
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

whoa. we were told to expect a shocker before the opening credits rolled, and boy were they were right! Palmer was shockingly assassinated (i thought it was a really nice touch to have him take the bullet right on Sherry's name:P). maybe it was the pacing, but his death itself, other than making his appearance in the series final, did leave me kinda cold. but the boys weren't done yet: minutes later, they took out Michelle, and severely burned our poor boy Tony. i gotta say, although i was strangely numbed and distant from it (hadn't had time to settle into the new season just yet), this was one of the gutsiest start for a tv series. bravo for (finally) going there and pulling it off in style.

i kinda got confused with how the Day 5 teaser fit into all this. in the minutes leading up to Day 5, Chloe meets up with ugly Jack in Chicago... why is he in California at the start of Day 5? and what was all the fuss about him being discovered and having to run in the teaser? did that actually happen days, weeks, or months before Day 5? did i miss a date-stamp? it just fucked with me as i watched the first episode tonight. oh, speaking of Chloe, who became a badass in Day 4 and has thankfully kept her cool geek status for this season, did you notice how they opened up the show a bit by injecting some third-person humor? when Derek is scared and baffled when Jack takes an FBI agent down behind a car, Chloe reassures him by saying that he knows how to do this. fucking hilarious! it entered Alias territory there for a minute, and i loved it.

thankfully, the producers brought Audrey back. it seems they're getting really good at understanding their core audience. i really hope Wayne stays to help Jack out throughout the day. he's the next best thing to Dennis Haysbert as a captivating actor on the show. the Palmer name is alive. btw, Jack wasting no time to go right up to Palmer's penthouse/crime scene was both genius and riveting. on par with the most brilliant of the series. and with the hostage situation taking shape (i hope this stretches for a couple of episodes, Die Hard-style (were there any hostages in Die Hard?)), i really like where this is going.

apparently, 9 AM - 11 AM are even better than these two. i'm seriously excited again about the series. make it dark and i'll fucking be in love with it.

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