January 18, 2006

24, Day 5
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

to come...
i haven't watched it yet.

why, you may ask?
well, monday my mom received her brand spanking new computer she ordered from Dell last week. i bought one a year ago and a few months later started talking about wanting to change hers at the end of the year. that floored me. she had a '97 PC and it was bogged down by unremovable software and bugs and all that kind of shit. it was frustrating. so xmas-time comes around and she informs me she'll want to check those computers online sometime soon. we finally customize her a cool one sunday, a week ago, and she got it this week. pretty fast service. so yesterday i went over to her place to fix some stuff up and get it going. after that i had to swing by the ex-roommate's apartment because they're spending a week in Mexico so i'm taking care of her/our cat, feeding it and playing with it for an hour every other day. but yesterday i was exhausted so i decied i was taking the day off work and i would spend the entired evening and night with the cat! :) the ex-roommate had told me i could sleep over as much as i wanted. and given that it's in the next city, a 20-minute drive away from here, it always feels like i'm so far removed from my life that i decompress immediately. i spend saturday afternoons there and it relaxes me. so i spent evening with the cat :) she was happy to see me, rubbing herself against me and sleeping on my legs on the couch. lol. i loved it.

yesterday i also swung by Future Shop to see if they had this LG LDA-530 DVD/Divx player i kept reading about. it's incredibly cheap, great quality, but, most importantly, it plays avi files. i can play those on my computer but, if i could, i would love to be able to watch them in the comfort of my living room. i can encode them to dvd format but there's some nasty macroblocking happening in some scenes. if i could play the original high quality file i'd be in heaven. but they were out. lol. the sales guy told me they'd get some more in about two weeks. sheesh. btw, the FS site is also out. on my way home this morning i swung by another store, hoping they'd have one, but no luck. but -- the guy saw that they had two units on file at their other store. he called them up, they actually had one left, and made the sale for me :) since it's close to the ex and i'm picking her up for work tonight, i'm gonna pick it up then. i'm so psyched!! finally.

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