January 14, 2006

Bob Gainey fired Canadiens head coach Claude Julien !!! (assitant coach Rick Green was also let go.)
this is Shocking News! some people were asking for it but i never saw Julien as the Habs' problem. far from it. he was tremendous in bringing up and developing young players for the team and was a good coach. i guess someone had to pay for the team's lack of motivation for the past couple of months. but i do trust Gainey. he knows better than i do what went on behind the scenes. Julien will be missed. let's see if this fires up the team now. oh, Gainey is temporarily taking over coaching duties. and he brought back ex-Hab superstar Guy Carbonneau to help him out :) now that's a great turn of events. can't wait to see the team tonight.

3:24 PM

somehow i don't think this is in the Canadiens' press release, and if it was i totally missed it -- Carbonneau will be head coach as of next season!! :) Gainey did a wonderful thing and is giving Guy Carbonneau the rest of the season, that's the entire second half, 40 games, to get a feel for the team, get comfortable behind the bench, and get ready to coach the 2006-2007 Montreal Canadiens. now that's a GM. how can you not love this man? it's outstanding generosity from one of the league's classiest man.

4:22 PM

okay. so i asked the roommate if i could have the apartment for tomorrow night because 24 is having it's spectacular Season Premiere (and i need peace and quiet and no connection to the outside world during those two hours) and i wanna invite the ex to watch, as she became a fan with the last season. the roommate and his gf would be in bed by 10, the ex finishes work at 10 so we'd catch the West feed at 11. and i don't want to watch this show with the volume turned down to a whisper. i'd never asked him to leave the apartment and he actually said yes :) i was ecstatic. i was sure they'd spend tonight here because of this -- but he just left!!! holy shit. that means i can catch coach Gainey and Carbonneau's Habs game!!! i wasn't ready for this. i was really okay with letting them have anything they wanted tonight. this is totally unexpected. thank you, universe :)

and you all have a great evening.
btw, what are your plans?

9:30 PM

San Jose 2 Montreal 6
MTL Game #42 of 82, 20-16-6

there you go :)
of course bringing in a new coach always fires up a team (or at least mixes things up) but it's nice to see the whole team playing with heart like it did tonight. and Markov scored twice, getting four points, Streit gets his first NHL goal, Ribeiro getting his first in a long time (hey, Mary!), and everyone else pinched in for an awesome game. bodies flew everywhere and the Marleau-Cheechoo-Thornton line was held off the net for 95% of the game. when the puck is on our side and the goals start coming in as easily as tonight, it's a pretty damn fun game to watch. here's hoping Carbonneau and Gainey can blance things off and get the team going again.

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