January 28, 2006


if you read my comments on the previous post, my computer decided to stop accepting incoming internet connection for some reason tuesday afternoon. i thought i'd wait after work to try it again as our DSL service cuts out once every few months for a couple of hours. but i came back from work later that night and i still had nothing. the next morning? nothing. i checked the roommate's connection and he had internet. i went back to the ex's and got her roommate's laptop (i'd had it the previous day so i could put in some codecs for her) to at least have some internet connection. well, it worked on her computer. fuck. thursday i brought in my computer to have my network card repaired. yesterday morning i pick it up. they say the card was fine, they only updated the drivers. fine. i bring it back and... nothing. still no connection. fuck. i call them up and they say to bring it back in. i go in before work and the tech who worked on it shows me that it's working fine on his workstation. and it is. he asks a few questions and he can't figure out why it's not working at my place. i bring it back with me. a couple of friends at work tell me to reboot the router and modem. maybe they just can't see my computer (but why would the laptop work with the same connection?). so this morning (the computer was in my car while i was at work yesterday evening so i had to wait a few hours for it to warm up once i got back home) i asked the roommate if i could reboot the modem and router and -- voilà! its working :P holy shit. had this failed, my other option would have been to bring it back in and have them replace my network card regardless of whether it worked there or not. but that would've been another day or two and, although i would have done it, it felt like neverending hassle. but oh god, sweet Jesus, it's working again :D you don't know how ecstatic i am right now :) thanks for listening.

but aside from that Major Fuckup, the week was also extra super nice to me, giving me all the online orders i'd put in these past few weeks. so, thanks to DVDPacific, Insound, and Action Records (and my bank account!), i was the exultant recipient of the following goodies:

those were sweet surprises :)

9:49 PM

and the Habs win 4-3 (in overtime) against Toronto !!! oh my god. two quick goals in the third put the Canadiens up 3-2 but, once again, you can count on the Leafs, even when they're playing badly, to tie it up whenever they feel like it. but, wow. Koivu. that was an exciting game (after the first period, that is). glad i was able to catch this one.

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