January 03, 2006

i have a "long story short" story to share with you, if that's your sort of thing. so this afternoon i manage to leave half an hour early to go pick up the ex for work because i finally learned a couple more Radiohead songs, top to bottom, and i wanted her to hear them 'cause she gets into it when i play their songs. i walk up the stairs and knock. the lights are on inside. no one. i knock and knock to annoy the hell out of her. the bathroom door is open; she's not in there. then, after about 20-30 seconds, i see her coming out of the living room pulling part of her shirt over her shoulder -- wtf?? she lets me in and i realize she has company. but she invites me in anyways. the guy (whom i think she mentioned as a friend a couple of times) comes out of the living room and sits down with us in the kitchen. we chat for 15 minutes until it's time to leave for work. in the car i ask her if i was intruding. she says no. i ask her again. she says yes. seems she'd started something with this guy last week and never told me. i'm her best fucking friend!!! of course i'm a bit jealous because we were still kinda flirty with each other. and of course i was PISSED -royally so- because she thought it would be a good idea not to tell me. i didn't wanna talk to her. i could have but she was closed up because i was pissed. she feels guilty and shuts up when that happens. so there's no way of actually having a conversation because she just wants to make everyone happy. but the evening was kinda cool because the coworkers were all good friends, so it went pretty well. tomorrow (tuesday) we have the Canadiens' game, though (scalpers, please keep three tickets for us, thanks), for her roommate's surprise gift for her birthday back in december, and we'll be spending the entire day together in Montreal. i thought it would be best to talk at least some of it out before tomorrow. so we started talking in the car on the way home and got into a good conversation. it actually felt good.
but god was i pissed tonight. lol.

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