January 22, 2006


fellow Canadians, tomorrow, as much as your conscience can bear, please DO NOT VOTE in Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.
thank very much. i would not like to wake up to 4 years of conservatism in this country. it's ludicrous. we've got enough of our southern friends who are suffering.

okay. here i am (to the sound of Scorpion's Rock You Like A Hurricane, no doubt). back again (Eminem? sorry). this has been a great week. swamped by more responsibilities and less time to waste than i'm used to, i was able to take it all in stride. the ex-roommate went to Mexico for the week and had asked me to take care of her cat (partly our cat since we lived together for almost 3 years) and her apartment while they were gone. she lives 20 minutes outside of the city. that's where i spend my saturday afternoons (we don't see each other during the week as she's working north of Montreal). i love going up there because, it must be the highway drive that does it, it feels like i'm in another world, free of responsibilities. even if we do abslutely nothing, it's like the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders. so i was more than happy to drive down there to spend an hour with the cat every other day. that was the plan. the ex-roommate also told me i could sleep over anytime i wanted and help myself to anything in the apartment (which, btw, is a really cool apartment - no cable and dial-up internet, but really nice). i ended up taking an evening off work and slept a total of 3 nights :P friday after work i decided i'd not only go over and spend the night, but that i would also spend all of saturday, and only come back home sunday morning :) that way i would avoid having the roommate and his girlfriend ruin my off days by taking over the apartment, and i would be able to relax in style :) it was a hell of a good time. like camping :) only in a stylish apartment with a cute, purring cat. oh, and i also had two of my friends' laptops with me (had some work to do on them) :P i felt like a rock star. so that was my week.

after two outstanding wins (and a really close loss to a great team) under the new coaching staff, the Montreal Canadiens got their asses handed to them last night, by a score of 6-2 from the Vancouver Canucks. Gainey will straighten them out for good now. you'll see.

oh, we finally watched the 24 episodes from last monday. i won't do a recap but i'll say this - it was cool, it actually felt like a whole 4-hour season premiere instead of four separate episodes, and i hope they keep thrilling us in this way. it kinda felt new-ish and not like a repeat of past seasons. ps. i was pissed as hell to see that Curtis had not understood Jack's code. i understand he wasn't working for CTU when the code was in effect (btw, nice touch, there, writers) but come on. i was banking everything that he was in on it. even though it was obvious he was repeating a secret code (Mr. Terrorist, sir, i liked you and everything, but that was stupid of you not to pick it up the three or four times he made it a point to mention it). i was sure Curtis had understood and that would be the twist, but no. Sam the Hobbit was the one who got it and saved the day. great intro--not. kinda lame since the audience had figured it out and was 'in' on Curtis being as smart as us. losers. don't do it aagain. our characters are smart enough--or at least as smart as we are. that made him look dumb and i resented you for it.

ohmygod. everyone who cares needs to read this -- top thirty Random Jack Bauer Facts.

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