February 14, 2006

24, Day 5
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


well, this episode picked up a bit of the slack of the last hour. this was officially our first lull of the season, folks. it's bound to happen. we can be hopefully as, although this one wasn't up to par with the stellar start of the new season, it was quite an improvement over the banality of the previous one. now if we can only avoid the clichés we'll be on our merry way to full satisfaction once again. it did still drag a bit, thanks to some tedious killing of the only person who can help you out. but that's only a front because someone comes in to help right after the jump. oh hum. aside from that... what else? still no sign of Kim. i guess Audrey decided to let her die in the city. the mall thing was nice, although i would have liked for that little to die instead of giving Jack a superfluous Superman moment. Jack's kidnapping was a cool twist and i would have him in gas mask, carrying that gun, for the rest of the season. über-coolness. that's it. things are looking up.

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