February 21, 2006

after many tries and exhausted hope, we're finally gonna get Big Ideas (Don't Get Any) !!! i can't wait. and it does sound like they're close to finishing it off this time. hurrah.

... and Billy Corgan gets closer to making me crap my pants ... (of course it's gonna happen :)
please read the rest of that thread. i also couldn't find the post in question. very weird. but it is coming :)


oh, hey -- i haven't watched 24 yet. shit, yeah. tomorrow.

i went to the bank to see if i could potentially get a mortgage for a condo. turns out the answer is nope. close, but it would be too close for now. although it was kind of a letdown, i was expecting it. i will work on it for next year, though. i would love to have a place to call my own.

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