February 03, 2006

Brokeback Mountain is making me fight against the ex. lol. it started out with her roommate wanting to watch the movie with her mom. they're religious. and she's against gay marriage. but they know about the film and still wanted to check it out because people are talking about it. then our conversation went into Bible talk (she's also a (semi-)practicing baptist) and how God said homosexuality was a sin (she quoted the passage from the bible to me). i asked her why God said that, why she believed that. i honestly wanted to know what it was that people who believed homosexuality was a sin saw as evil. i wasn't gonna change my mind about it, but i was definitely curious. that's when it started deteriorating. she kept going back to 'God said it' but couldn't come up with a reason why he'd said that. she said that she'd get back to me with an answer. i harped on the fact that people are simply attracted to whoever they're attracted to, and to some of us, that means people of the same sex. i argued that it wasn't a choice. that's when she likened being attracted to people of the same sex with feeling the need to steal and do shit.
and that's when i hung up on her. lol :) been trying to call her back to say hanging up wasn't cool but what she was saying was horrible but the line has been busy ever since :)

have a good day.

update: i finally got a hold of her on the phone and apologized for hanging up on her but i also told her i felt what she was saying was terrible.

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