February 05, 2006

game on! the Habs' 2nd game of the Superbowl Weekend is a few minutes away and i'm psyched :D have fun.

5:52 PM

...and the Habs win 5-0 against Philly??? fuck yeah, they did! what the fuck's going on with this team?? the best they did in their two-month-plus suckfest was maybe get away with a one-goal game a couple of times. but yesterday they not only got a win, but a shutout, for christ's sake, by beating Boston 2-0 (with Huet in goal) and today they beat (an admittedly weakened) Philadelphia team 5-0 (with Huet in goal; and Ryder scoring a hat trick??). i love this team. yeterday they looked like the sluggish team sprinkled with a few good moments, but today was a whole other ballgame. the whole team was playing with confidence. everybody was much more willing to throw themselves into the plays rather than wait sheepishly for something to happen, but who most impressed me this weekend were Plekanec and Perezhogin, who both played so boldly this afternoon --not recklessly, just with spirit, spunk, and a fearlessness i hadn't seen in this team in a long time-- and Higgins too. it looked like they all took their game up a couple of notches overnight and were playing with leadership. all of them. it was quite something to see. and i also would love to know what Koivu told Huet after the game :) he went straight to him, as all the players did, and talked into his mask for more than the requisite congratulation pat on the back. it looked lovely :)
it's time to trade Théo.

oh! the Habs nabbed the top two spots of NHL.com's Daily Three Stars! :P

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